[email protected] github.com/laurelschwulst June 2021 ... Laurel Schwulst


I’m an artist, designer, writer, and educator. I like creating and cultivating environments for curiosity, learning, and reflecting that are both mysterious and clear at the same time.

My project-based work is collaborative, experiential, and embraces many ideas of public. Some favorite projects include: "How to Build a Bird Kite," my meditative craft tutorial on The New York Times; Flight Simulator, an “ode to airplane mode” — a novel travel app for iOS and Android; Perfume Area, a book of poetic, lyrical perfume reviews; Alt-Text as Poetry's website, a project that presents creative uses of image description; Artists Space’s website, which through multiple entrances allows generous traversal through its rich archive. In 2020, I co-founded Fruitful School, a website workshop for people with idea seeds whose soil is equally code and culture. I’ve also taught design courses at Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, and California College of the Arts and was previously the creative director of Kickstarter’s The Creative Independent and designer and front-end developer at Linked by Air.


June 2021