days of issey!

02. dark mushroom day

again, there are four issey items here... the dark green top, the black pants, the socks, and my gold-brown bracelet / hair scrunchy.

this outfit feels pretty "OG" to me. that is, the pants were my first ever issey purchase (and really -- my first time buying "fashion") back in 2013 when i went to japan for the first time. (throwback: here's me in osaka's see-through ferris wheel, and here's a cute pic of me and christian, who introduced me to all things issey, on our trip together.) these pants were a very empowering purchase for me. the "mushroom" scrunchie and the socks go to show you that small accent pieces, "accessories" can really do a lot for an outift. the socks were a gift, and the scrunchy i bought when i wasn't making much money but still wanted to feel cool & special.

01. stars day

there are four issey items in this outfit... the tan sweater, the white shirt, the pleated starred long skirt, and the tan tights / pants underneath.

this outfit makes me feel part of the air yet still based on the earth. i feel elegant yet relaxed, somewhat otherworldly but not obviously, in a "head is in the clouds" sense, but more like... i bring the stars to my everyday lived experience, if you know what i mean.